Training Indianapolis

I invite estheticians, massage therapist and wellness practitioners to schedule a one on one coaching session and  join Spa Nation to become part of a network of beauty, health and wellness professionals that believe in helping each other grow.  There is room for all of us to be 6 figure earners and beyond


Spa Nation Ebooks and membership are available HERE:


Spa Nation Membership Benefits:


* emails with resources to help grow your business

* coaching calls to me to ask me any questions about your business growth or clients or services

* discounts on advanced training classes 

* gatherings to network, to share and answer questions.  we need a network of practitioners as we grow.  we can help each other grow and we can all be successful.

call me for info at 317-985-1649.  


All training is available for private or group sessions. Pre registration is required. No walk ins.

Wellness Practitioner Training 

This workshop will give you training in many wellness services to add to or start a wellness practice.  Includes: teeth whitening, herbal steaming, foot detox, essential oil therapy, face detox,  hand and foot treatment, pressure point therapy, beauty bar.


Body Sculpting Master Class -  

This class covers body sculpting using radio frequency, cavitation, vacuum therapy and laser lipo for a 5 in 1 machine with certification.  Machine is not included.


Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift Certification - 

is a separate certification. Training for this class in included with a machine purchase or training can be done with out a machine purchase.


Wood Therapy Certification -

will train on how to use wood to contour, shape, reduce cellulite and perform lymphatic drainige on the body and on the face


Brazilian Waxing Certification -   

You will learn advanced techniques for male or female brazilian waxing.  Certification included.


Waxing Clinic    Clinic is designed for school or large spa setting that has learned basic waxing techniques already.  this class will allow you to watch advanced techniques and ask questions.  School or spa must provide models and location


call for info at 317-985-1649